The greatest game that the wit of man has yet devised A cricket match is divided into periods called innings. It is decided before the match whether the teams will have one innings or two innings each.During an innings one team fields and the other bats

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Recent Matches
Match Date 2022-06-26
Tournament Name DAILY SERIES
Location REGGAE
Match Date 2022-03-31
Tournament Name FAKE FUN CRICKET
Location Stadium
Match Date 2022-03-27
Tournament Name T12 cosco
Location Avan ground
Match Date 2022-03-18
Tournament Name KKPS
Location COLLEGE
Match Date 2022-03-05
Tournament Name Term 1 2022
Location APS
Match Date 2022-03-01
Tournament Name Abcd
Location GTS Stadium
Match Date 2022-02-28
Tournament Name ODI
Location Johannesburg
Match Date 2022-02-24
Tournament Name EBCL
Location Box 1
Match Date 2022-02-19
Tournament Name Quickgames
Location Acacia
Match Date 2022-01-05
Tournament Name 2021-21 Ashes
Location Sydney Cricket Ground
Match Date 2021-12-26
Tournament Name 2021-21 Ashes
Location Melbourne Cricket Ground
Match Date 2021-12-19
Tournament Name Aus vs Eng Backyard Ashes Tournament
Location PCG
Match Date 2021-12-18
Tournament Name Test
Location Ek
Match Date 2021-12-16
Tournament Name 2021-21 Ashes
Location Adelaide Oval
Match Date 2021-12-09
Tournament Name 2021-21 Ashes
Location Brisbane Cricket Ground
Match Date 2021-12-02
Tournament Name Custody of Conor Gallagher Championship
Location Stamford Bridge
Match Date 2021-11-20
Tournament Name ODI Saturday
Location Back Garden
Match Date 2021-11-19
Tournament Name Friendly Tournament
Location Home Ground
Match Date 2021-10-29
Tournament Name Sl lions champions trophy 2021
Location Al amaret
Match Date 2021-10-23
Tournament Name T20 WorldCup 2021
Location Rawalpindi Cricket Statidum
Match Date 2021-10-10
Tournament Name Bhora premier league
Location Haidry park
Match Date 2021-10-10
Tournament Name Sunday tournament
Location Teachers college,
Match Date 2021-10-04
Tournament Name Trial
Location Somasundaran ground
Match Date 2021-09-27
Tournament Name Mooirivier o/9 2021
Location Laerskool Mooirivier
Match Date 2021-09-26
Tournament Name Friendly
Location Jamiya Ground
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